Game Ideas for Game Jams

Coding for 48 hours can be a grueling task (sleep is for the weak!), but coming up with good game ideas can be even harder. You can't start until the whole team has agreed on an idea, and this can be tough. Here are some thoughts on how to come up with a good game concept.

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Grab a buddy and patrol the star highway as the LAZER COPS. Enjoy uality neon 80's couch coop bullet hell gameplay, with a variety of different modes, levels and bosses. Try out our demo!

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Your fate rests upon your deductive skills. You can accuse anyone. You might send a killer to justice. You might condemn an innocent person. Or you just might take the blame yourself.


Visitors are flocking to your haunted mansion, and if they leave, they'll tell the world about it. Don't let any of them escape.

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