No Return

No Return is a simple puzzle game, where visitors come to your mansion. Your job is simple; keep anyone who enters the mansion, inside the mansion. Forever.

You have the power to change the layout of the mansion at will, by swapping any two tiles with eachother. This allows you to twist hallways, create dead-ends and make layouts that are impossible to escape.

Award Winning

No Return won best game in the 'Veteran team' category at the U of S GameWithUs gamejam.


  • 18 levels

  • Several difficulty modes & Endless mode

  • One-button gameplay

  • Hungry monsters!

Team Member Role
Michael Long Coding Engine, UI
Kevin Squires Gameplay, Sound, Levels
Mitchell Craig Art, Levels

Foolish Mortals


  • Foolish Mortals is a small independent game studio based in a far away land called Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

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