Michael Long

Michael is the team's workhorse and willing whipping boy. We overload him with work and requirements, drink our expensive lattes in another room while listening to Brian Eno and discussing postmodern art, then let him out of closet in which he has been locked after a few weeks when we are greeted with a functioning prototype or feature. Boy, managing this guy sure is hard work!

Michael has a passion for local multiplayer games and programming in general. We always make him do the AI because he seems to enjoy it for some reason. He also does other stuff too.

Michael's productivity and vision make him an excellent developer.

William Selby

William sometimes pretends he's an interaction designer, and swears he can program (though nobody has ever seen him do it). He flips between drawing pictures, modeling in Blender, and consuming tutorials for any free software he can get his hands on. For what he lacks in experience, he makes up for in thick-headedness and tenacity. His imagination exceeds his reach, and he could not be happier.

William brings what little aesthetic sense he has to create all of the team's visual graphics.

Kevin Squires

Another veteran programmer who has survived the gauntlet of computer science at University. His thick beard and wild hair keeps warm during the harsh and cold coding sprees he endures. Despite the fact that he's a loose cannon that lacks respect for proper punctuation in his code, the man gets the job done.

Kevin is an expert programmer who is capable of tackling (and bringing down) any problem.

Kent Weiler

Kent is the noise of the team. The big bangs, chippy tunes, and death cries are all his workings. Kent is always willing to try his hand at any type of music genre and will even record his own awful voice if need be (scream sounds and singing like the Bee Gees are his specialty). Though his bizarre tastes in music (Babymetal?) may not appeal to everyone, they are a fuel for his passion when creating the musical experience of the game (he has yet to try making a screamo-polka, but it's on his to-do list). Oh, and he can code too! Bonus!

Kent creates music, sound effects, and anything audio-related for the team's projects.

Dustin Walker

Dustin learned what a variable was in the crudest way possible - by making games for his grade 5 classmates using the brand new (at the time) RPGMaker 2000. Dustin has experience in several popular game development frameworks including GameMaker, XNA, and Unity, and his imagination is greatly captivated by procedural generation and any method with a Random.nextInt() call in it.

When he's not making purposely ugly music or developing the next Foolish Mortals game, he is working at VendAsta as a software engineer (which is most of the time).

Dustin works as a developer and is responsible for the Foolish Mortals website.

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