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Zoomba 3000 was created by Michael Long, William Selby, Kevin Squires, and Kent Weiler for the Indies Vs Gamers gamejam. It features full integration with GameJolt's leaderboards and trophies. Can you beat OUR scores?

A time of Wreckoning is at hand

  • Save the environment by collecting as much space debris as possible in the midst of an intense space battle!

  • Watch as the battle escalates from a small skirmish to a massive space battle!

  • Follow AI controlled Zoombas to take their debris once they explode!

  • Compete for high scores using GameJolt's leaderboards.

  • Earn as many of the 10 GameJolt trophies as you can!


Foolish Mortals


  • Foolish Mortals is a small independent game studio based in a far away land called Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

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